Debt Recovery

We have our own dedicated Debt Recovery team specialising in both high volume and small scale recoveries. Operating on a bespoke case management system, we can not only tailor the system for individual requirements but we can implement our systems and procedures to offer an efficient and seamless process so that we can ensure accuracy, speed and most importantly results.  

Our ultimate aim is to recover debt without the need to issue proceedings.  When we are forced to issue proceedings, our team has the expertise to look after this for you and our case management system assists by prompting, producing and filing court documentation directly with the Courts, thus creating an efficient and seamless process.  Our debt team is regularly in contact with the Court’s enforcement officers and has a good relationship with various process serving companies.  When enforcement is needed quickly, we have the contacts in place to make this happen. 

We have successfully recovered monies via the following methods:

- Pre-action correspondence;

- Attachment of Earnings Orders;

- Charging Orders/Orders for Sale;

- Writ of Control / Warrant of Execution

- Third Party Debt Orders

Outsourcing your debt files will not only take away what is sometimes recognised as a mundane task but also minimise overheads and positively contribute to the financial health of your business.

If you would like to discuss any debt recovery work with our team, please contact us now on a no obligation basis.     

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